Beautiful Periscope Friends and Fans:


Welcome, periscope followers!

We are blessed with quantum leaping into each other’s lives.  Welcome to my world of ancient history as it relates to today.  Many of our environmental problems would be solved today if we apply our ancient past to our way of living, eating and sharing.

I have been scoping since July 2015.  I first heard of periscope through a new friend in the press area at a Spanish rock music conference I was covering in Chicago the summer of 2015.  Since then, I have grown to learn the multiple uses of periscope, including linking you to this page.

It would be helpful to learn how to add a landing page here for serious supporters of our elders.  Please, let me know how you can help on that.

Thank you, so much for visiting

If you are new to Periscope, follow me as Ketzal Diana and share the wealth of HEARTS, LOTS OF HEARTS!

May peace grow in your hearts. ~

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