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Shampoo de Romero y Savila ~ para los “highlights” (canas)

Shampoo de Romero y Savila


1 taza de ramitas fresca o seco de romero
1 taza de sabila
2 tazas de agua
2 tsp de shampoo – clear shampoo (I used a trade joe’s brand)
A strainer/cheese cloth

Bring water to a boil, then add Romero, boil for 10 mins, then allow this to cool down. Place the tea and sabila in the blender, do not add shampoo yet. Find your favorite shampoo container add shampoo and concoction you blended after straining through the strainer/cheese cloth.
Use: massage into hair around face, roots, and finally ends of hair. Rinse hair with water well as to not leave any in the hair. Apply conditioner as usual, untangle or brush as usual.
If refrigerated, can last 30days.

Sabila: antibacterial, moisturizing, prevents hair loss, fights dandruff and acts as a conditioner.
Romero/Rosemary: encourages growth, provides shine and provides softness to the hair.  Helps cease dandruff, erases white highlights aka grey hair.