Aztec She Warrior projects for each season…

Spring Bloom Bloom Gardening ~March/April 2008 to present

We meet at a designated garden to prepare the earth for planting.  In the past, we have hosted movie screenings in the garden to fundraise for tools.  Our first Spring Bloom Bloom took place in the Flat Iron building at Stewart’s loft space.  Aztec dancers, environmentalists, artists, photographers, fortune tellers, and DJ Papa G took center fold to make this event a success.

Autumn Vegan Cooking circle~September/October 2010 to present

A circle of warrior women gather to share in the making of vegan recipes.  This is cultural exchange and life enriching experience because each woman cooks differently.  The purpose is to let food be our medicine and learn from each other in this co-creative environment.  Learning to work around the fire of the home is what keeps the warmth and nurturing for healthy homes and families at higher love vibration.

Winter Inner Gardening Guided Meditation~November/December2011 to present

As our sun moves furthest away from our earth, during less light hours, we gather to cultivate the mind via a guided meditation.   Past sessions have included, Yoga Maya Quiche exercises via Guillermo S., Balam’s written investigations on the subject.

Summer Sewing circle~July/August 2014

The intention for this circle is to learn basic sewing and practice.  We will begin by teaching how to make a fabric made grocery bag.  Projects will lead to the end result of being able to make your own Aztec Danza regalia according to your Tonal, sun calendar.