“The Universe is Wise and Loving”


In 2012, I set out to co*create with a wise and loving universe in Mayan country.  It was December 2012, and I stood outside of Chichen Itza at a tree, praying.  Asking for permission to walk in for the first time to the presence of el Kukulcan.  I stayed outside for two hours, then…I heard the drum, the Huehueteros calling me.  I had heard my first signs of other danzantes presence for this grand moment to honor the calendar caretakers, makers of el Kukulkan.

I went in with the press, somehow the doors of wisdom opened, and I walked right in like flowing water; free.  At the foot of the Kukulcan, I sat down to meditate on where I would be sleeping that night.  I met two danzantes there, and they invited me to an all night ceremony with a Mayan community in Kunkunul.  It was a great honor to meet these warriors, who I was able to serve in what came along our journey.  Serving the elders, women and children, and the warrriors with tabacco, song, copal, self love, memory and cooking.  For this journey, I am always grateful that a wise and loving universe allowed me to embrace ancient culture and wisdom.

I met a curious and open woman that I will never forget.  It may have been her first visit to Chichen Itza, and she found me talking with another danzante.  We never spoke again after this experience, but my friend found this video of me there.  He says he really liked her astrology videos and one day noticed what looked to be my face.  I told him yes, I met her at the foot of the Kukulkan, while I was still collecting funds for the night’s resting location.  I had my color book markers I made especially for this visit.  All of my book markers had messages of love, healing, and life responsibility.  One of them was:

“The Universe is Wise and Loving”

Grateful to have co*created for just a moment with this woman, Nadya Shah.  Thank you, for putting me on the map, Nadya Shah, I wish to meet you again.  Maybe we can continue to help each other out along the road.  I went back the following year to again honor the elders of Mayan country.  I never saw her again, by now she is probably famous and making lots of money somewhere, while I still learn how to materialize my talents into abundance to continue my journey honoring our elders, children and ancestors knowledge.

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