Mexika Aztec dancer available to share Aztec danza, cultural research, healing methods, and arts collaborations. I am a speaker on cultural topic from Mesoamerica. I am available to guide you through healing methods I have practiced, researched and learned from the elders of tradition.  I can guide you through EFT, emotional freedom techniques, a meridian practice to heal emotional trauma reflected in the physical. I have given talks in Mexico and Chicago to University staff and students on ancient healing methods, culture and identity. With the guidance of my elders and the ancient books, I share with all the history, astronomy, medicine, science, nutrition, and math of the ancient cultures of Mesoamerica. Everyday still learning, everyday grateful for the wealth of ancestral memory within my family and all my relations.


I invite you to visit my blog or book me for a workshop/talk to give at your university or community.


zenka tlazohkamati