Reach me so we can schedule:

* a guided group meditation by me
* EFT guide to healing
* workshop facilitator
* Live national speaker
* sacred songs singer
* Aztec dancer
* Live International speaker

I make homemade aromatherapy Herbal sachets and can deliver nationwide, via regular USPS. I am a cultural investigator, arts and music producer/promoter, an art curator, a writer, a friend in Chicago, New York or Tenochtitlan (Mexico). Reach out to me because you are an educator and would like to invite me to your classroom.

I will be honored to be a part of your production/project/classroom/company or danza family circle or Kalpulli serving you with any of the above mentioned skills. I am willing to travel on the weekends as long as you fly me out to your location. I can fly nationwide and international. In the past, I have traveled to New York, Mexico and Chicago.

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