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Balam’s wife, Tina, turns 90 years 2016

Tina y Balam 90 yrs







Wink Z’Ek Balam’s wife turned 90 years old this past February 2016.  It was an honor to be present for this grand occasion with the family and friends of the honoree, Tina.  She lives in Mexico with her husband the scientist and former teacher for 27 years for Instituto Polytechinco National de Mexicano.   Tina is one of the last living elders that has ran with Cuauhtemok sacred staff to Ixcateopan, GRO.  Every year in February Aztec dancers from around all over Mexico and abroad meet to offer danza, copal, sweat, atecocolli, drumming, and unite to celebrate the birthday of the last leader of the Mexika Aztec people.

Balam and Tina youthful








Balam and Tina in the early 1900s.